Moka pot

The Moka pot is known for its beautiful, unique design alone. Not to mention the delicious coffee you can brew with it. Let’s dive into this brewing method!

You may also know the Moka pot by its official name of “Moka Express” or “Bialetti coffee maker’. The latter is how they often refer to it colloquially. One reason why this brewing method is often chosen is its convenience. It is quite handy, and you can still make a nice cup of coffee with few resources. For example, very useful when you are traveling.

The moka pot history

It was Renato Bialetti who brought the so-called Moka Express, an invention of his father, onto the market in the fifties. This turned out to be a good move because by now this unique pot is world-famous. It can be found in many Italian households and is also very popular in other countries.

How does the moka pot work?

The aluminum device must be placed on the stove and contains a water reservoir and a collection tray. In between is placed a filter for the coffee. As soon as the water in the container starts boiling, the pressure is created in the reservoir. Via a tube and the filter, the water is then pressed up through the coffee to the extraction section.

The taste

The taste of coffee from a Moka pot is somewhat similar to espresso, but much less strong and concentrated. As with many coffee brewing methods, you can influence the taste. It depends for example on the amount of water and ground coffee that you add.

Moka pot
Updated on 19-07-2021