Charge protocol

The charge protocol is the protocol you use when loading your green coffee beans. Some consistency in this process can actually cause flavor differences between the different batches of coffee beans you roast. To keep all batches as similar in flavor as possible, it is wise to use a charge protocol. 

The specific protocol used will vary by coffee professional. It is something everyone has their own view on. In this case, we will give you an example of a protocol that could be used for a Giesen W6A. 

Step 1: Weigh exactly 5.5 kg of green beans with a maximum deviation of 20 grams.

Step 2: Preheat the roaster to 250 degrees Celsius.

Step 3: Turn off the burner of your coffee roaster when the temperature of 250 degrees celsius is reached.

Step 4: Load the green beans.

Step 5: Wait for the burner to reach a temperature of 225 degrees Celsius.

Step 6: Open the hopper at exactly 225 degrees.

Step 7: Turn on the roaster with 250 degrees as the set point.

We are not saying that the above step-by-step plan is always correct. However, a protocol will ensure consistent results and we recommend that you create your own protocol that suits your style of coffee roasting.

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Updated on 15-03-2022