Irish coffee

You either love it, or you hate it: say hello to the Irish coffee! We probably all know the term, but talking about the meaning, not everybody knows. Let’s dive into it.

Irish coffee history

The first man who came up with this popular Irish beverage is Joe Sheridan. He worked in a restaurant at the airport of Foynes, now known as Shannon Airport. To wake the passengers who had to wait for their flight, he served coffee with some whiskey, sugar, and cream. The story goes that when an American tasted the coffee, he asked if it was Brazilian. Joe told him differently: ‘No, that’s Irish coffee’. This all was around the year 1942.

When the writer Stanton Delaplane tasted the coffee, he told his friend and owner of Buena Vista about it. This was the moment the Irish coffee was born in America.

The recipe

There are quite some verities of this beloved beverage. For example, some people serve it with brown sugar, where others don’t. However, the original recipe definitely contains brown sugar and besides that, strong coffee, Irish Whiskey and heavy cream. Definitely serve it in a big glass for the real experience. Cheers!


Because this beloved coffee contains alcohol, it is not suitable for everybody. There are some versions on the market without the Irish Whiskey. It’s definitely not the same but a good alternative.

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Irish Coffee

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Updated on 19-07-2021