The first wave of coffee

The “Waves of Coffee” is a designation of different periods that indicate the development of coffee consumption. A total of 5 waves can be described, all of which have their own characteristic developments. In this article we will tell you more about the differences and the most important developments that took place during the first wave of coffee.

First wave of coffee – Drinking coffee out of habit / to refuel

The first wave of coffee took place in the twentieth century. It was the period when coffee developed into a product that was consumed in every household; it became a standard item. Coffee was transformed into a commodity and became suitable for mass consumption.

However, during this period, coffee was not yet prepared as carefully as how we do it today. Most coffee was brewed in bulk and instant coffee was widely used. The numbers were high, the quality was low.

Coffee was something functional; a hot drink, something to keep you awake. The pure flavors that can be extracted from coffee were not emphasized in the first wave of coffee.

first wave

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Updated on 08-12-2021